Auntie Hungs Walnut Snacks!

Auntie Hung’s Walnut Snacks

A Healthy Lifestyle!

Auntie Hung first began creating this snack several years ago in her own kitchen as a replacement to chips and other unhealthy snacks for her children. Naturally, her children loved the snack and began sharing it with their school friends and they all began loving it as well. It is only now that we finally can appreciate how healthy her walnut snacks were as walnuts are abundant in both Omega 3 and  Omega 6 which is shown to be crucial for brain development, especially in children.

Our Ingredients!

Auntie Hung’s famous walnut snacks are made from 100% California walnuts which are known to be one of the healthiest nuts in the world. No oil or preservatives are added to any of our snacks and we only use the freshest ingredients.

We take the time!

We spare no expense to insure our walnut snacks are of the highest quality and taste. Production from a raw walnut into our insanely tasty and healthy walnut snack requires almost a week of time and effort as we do not fry or bake our walnuts. They are instead dehydrated in a controlled environment until perfection as dehydration is a much healthier cooking method.

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